AstroGuru Features

Here are some of the main astroguru features

Horoscope & Astrology

  • Firstly Astroguru comprehensive daily horoscope that shows predictions for the entire week. The app covers all zodiac signs(rashi): Aries (mesh), Taurus (vrishabha), Gemini (mithun), Cancer (kark), Leo (singh), Virgo (kanya), Libra (tula), Scorpio (vrishchika), Sagittarius (dhanu), Capricorn (makar), Aquarius (kumbh) & Pisces (meen)

Palm Reading

  • Astroguru app also Unravel your fate by knowing the interpretation of the 3 major lines of heart, head & life in chiromancy using our renowned palmistry scan. The heart line explains love, friendship & marriage, & the headline focuses on career, success, wealth.

  • Lifeline gives an understanding of health & energy. Just scan your palm and let the app read your lines to reveal your personality, fate & fortunes. AstroGuru is the best Palm Reader on Play Store.

Tarot Card Reading

  • Get your tarot card reading about love, relationships, finances, health, etc. Simply choose your card and get tarot spreads for guidance. Read your Daily Tarot, Yes/No Tarot, Love Tarot, Health Tarot, Money Tarot, and One Card Reading. The Oracle of the Tarot speaks eloquently through our classic deck. Ask about tomorrow today!

Hidden Qualities

  • Learn about your hidden qualities based on your astrological stars (nakshatra). Understand your zodiac’s strengths & weakness.

Love Compatibility

  • Confused if you and your prospective partner will make a good match for marriage? Want to see how compatible are you with your spouse? Do they react differently in certain situations? Find out traits of your partner’s zodiac & see how well your zodiac signs get along.

Daily Quotes

  • It also engage the mind and soul with classic quotes featuring authors from the ages, with wit, wisdom, & words that inspire.


  • Kundli or Vedic Chart is generated according to the positions of the constellations on the basis of the person’s birthday, time and place.


  • Fortune teller available local languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Italian, Tamil, Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Kannada, German, Korean & French.


  • Last but not least astroguru gaze into the stars and planetary maps in night sky navigating through our innovative GPS enabled Sky Maps.

In conclusion The science of astrology can help you understand the relation shared by the zodiac signs of the couple.

By using AstroGuru features Check the love compatibility with your partner based on your zodiac signs. Horoscope offers advice to mitigate the unfortunate facets of the relationship.

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